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Racing Towards Healthier Communities

February 12, 2024
Injinji is proud to sponsor the Running Up For Air Series, an annual event that brings athletes together to run for a cause, supporting organizations dedicated to improving air quality in the Salt Lake region of Utah.

Meet The Artist: Wyatt Hersey

January 8, 2024
The Artist Designed series features limited edition socks crafted by talented artists inspired by the natural world. The Sierra collection, the third installment, is created by California-based illustrator Wyatt Hersey. Learn about his process and what influenced his vibrant designs.

The Best Durable Socks For Work Boots

November 1, 2023
Boot Original Weight OTC socks are designed for comfort and durability during long hours on your feet. The Over-The-Calf height protects the calf and the Original Weight thickness gives the right amount of cushion for wearing underneath work boots. New workwear colorways are perfect for wildland firefighters, construction workers, hunters, and more!

Meet The Artist: Sandro Young

October 2, 2023
Designer Sandro Young is the artist behind our second Artist Designed Series collection, entitled Walk Like A Nomad. Read about his design process, his favorite sock in the collection, and what inspired his vision.

Courtney Dauwalter Preps for Western States 2023

June 21, 2023
Team Injinji Athlete Courtney Dauwalter is returning to Western States to take on 100 miles of adventure in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Then, three weeks later, she's heading to Colorado to compete in the epic Hardrock 100. Catch up with Courtney in this interview with Injinji.

The Benefits of Pilates, Yoga, and Barre

June 15, 2023
Studio workouts are a great way to incorporate different types of movement into your running routine. Yoga, Pilates, and barre are excellent ways to build muscle, practice mindfulness, and relieve tension. Learn more about how studio workouts can help you create a well-rounded fitness routine.

Meet the Injinji x Pointe Studio Collab

June 12, 2023
We've teamed up with fellow San Diego-based sock company Pointe Studio to create two brand-new styles. The Injinji x Pointe Studio collab is designed for studio workouts that can be seamlessly incorporated into runners' training routines. Learn about the features and benefits of these exclusive new grip socks.

Meet the Artist: Kika MacFarlane

May 1, 2023
Meet Kika MacFarlane, Idaho-based artist and designer of The Canyons collection. In this exclusive interview, we talk with Kika about her creative process and how her love for the outdoors has influenced her art.

Join The Redefine Your Run With Injinji Strava Challenge

March 9, 2023
We challenged ourselves to redefine our bestselling Run series, adding improvements to comfort, durability and performance. Just as we raised the bar on our Run socks, you’re invited to level up your running routine this Spring by taking on our first ever Strava challenge. Read more to learn how to join the Redefine Your Run Injinji Strava challenge.

Meet the New and Improved Injinji Run Series

March 1, 2023
Our bestselling running socks just got a major upgrade—meet the newly redesigned Run series! Take a deep dive into the exciting upgrades, reengineered with optimum comfort and performance in mind.