Choosing Toesocks For Kids

April 23, 2024

Finding the right pair of socks for your kids can sometimes feel like a never-ending quest. It’s important to have a comfortable, durable sock that stays on your child’s feet and that they want to wear.

Kids Injinji toesocksKids Injinji toesocks

A Brief Background on Injinji Kids Socks

In addition to the Unisex, Men’s and Women’s styles, Injinji previously offered a product line tailored to children. The Kids Sport Lightweight socks provided natural toe splay, cushion and blister-free comfort for every active kid. They have since been discontinued, but don’t worry — there are other socks in the Injinji lineup that can be a great fit for your children!

Why Kids Should Try Injinji Women’s Socks

A smaller pair of Women’s toesocks may be the perfect solution for giving your children socks they’ll enjoy wearing. These socks are specifically designed with a narrower profile to better fit arch of a smaller foot. Compared to Injinji Unisex socks, the Women's styles are crafted with shorter toes to allow for a more secure feel— with the XS/S option fitting as small as a Women’s size 5. These socks may be an excellent option for your child’s growing feet.

Size Comparisons

Let’s break down the sizing comparison between socks for kids and adults. It’s important to note that Injinji sock size measurements are based on adult shoe sizes.

Women’s sock sizes typically range from shoe sizes 4-10, with variations in width and length. Children’s sock sizes vary based on age, but generally, sizes for kids aged 7-14 will align closely with the size range of women’s socks.

For U.S. shoe sizes, it’s recommended to wear 1.5 sizes bigger when switching from youth to Women's sizing. For example, if your child wears a size 4, they will wear a size 5.5 in Injinji’s Women’s socks.

Having trouble deciding what size is best? Check out the sizing guide for more information.