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From quick workouts to long runs, there's a sock for you! Check out the new Spring Collection featuring the new Ultra Run, a new toesock designed for miles of wear with the best blister protection.
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To the trail

Tackle the trails blister-free while keeping dirt and debris out so you can keep going mile after mile.

To the mountain

Support for every adventure, big or small—not to mention protection from unpredictable elements and terrain.

To the road

Take your run to the next level with our patented five-toe advantage and experience blister-free comfort.

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Discover the benefits

Discover the Benefits
Discover the Benefits

Total Foot Utilization

Injinji toesocks keep your toes separated, supporting proper alignment and toe splay. This distributes your weight evenly on your foot, keeping it fully engaged in any athletic activity.

Discover the benefits
Discover the Benefits

Blister Prevention

With each toe protected, skin-on-skin friction is completely eliminated, making those painful blisters and hot spots a thing of the past. 

Discover the benefits
Discover the Benefits

Moisture Management

Keeping your toes individually wrapped in sweat-wicking material means your toes and feet are drier and therefore more comfortable than in a traditional sock.

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