Anita Ortiz Wins Masters Division at the Marathon Trail Championships

March 5, 2021
Get to know one of Team Injinji's longtime members, Anita Ortiz. Anita started running in high school but didn't race competitively until 2002, when she joined the USA team at the age of 36. Her most recent win was at the USATF Marathon Trail Championships where she finished strong with a final time of 4:50, giving her a 1st place podium finish in the Masters Division. Keep up with her as she continues her journey of racing.

Meet The New Ultra Run Mini-Crew

March 1, 2021
We just added another sock to our lineup: The Ultra Run Mini-Crew! If you're new to Injinji socks, the Ultra Run is a great addition to add to your collection! We explain the unique qualities of Ultra Run, the benefits of the mini-crew length, and what activities they're best suited for. Check it out for yourself!

Jeff Browning Joins Team Injinji

February 22, 2021
We'd like to welcome our newest member of Team Injinji, Jeff Browning! Jeff a.k.a. "Bronco Billy" already made a name for himself in the ultra running community, running over 150 ultras and holding the third most wins in the WORLD for the 100-mile distance. Jeff first heard about in Injinji in 2008 and has been running in them ever since, so we're excited to finally have him join the team!

5 Ways to Repurpose & Use Old Socks

February 7, 2021
If you have ever fallen victim to holes in your sock, lost one to the laundry machines, or have worn them down after many uses, here are five ways you can utilize your old or worn socks!

Courtney Dauwalter WINS Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra

January 18, 2021
Team Injinji Athlete Courtney Dauwalter discusses her win at the U.S. Big Dog's Backyard Ultra, a race where each runner has to complete a 4.167 mile loop in less than one hour, every hour, until there is only one runner left remaining. Read more on how Courtney was able to endure loop after loop, hour after hour, until she was the last runner standing.

How To Build Your Running Miles

January 14, 2021
Last week's blog featured running tips for beginners. This week we're taking it a step further! Once you've got a rhythm going, here is how to start increasing your mileage!

Running Tips For Beginners

January 3, 2021
So you decided you want to get into running, whether it's your first time, or your first time in a while. You think to yourself, "Where do I start?" With the help of Team Injinji athletes who are also running coaches, we compiled their list of tips and advice to help you ease into it.

Ultra Runner Mike Wardian Takes on the Spartan Games

December 13, 2020
Mike Wardian, an elite ultra runner and member of Team Injinji, was one of 24 elite athletes invited to the "first of its kind" Spartan Games, a grueling competition in which contestants challenge each other in both physical and mental feats. See how Mike kept up the pace with other extreme athletes.

Denise Bourassa Takes On The Moab 240

December 3, 2020
What happens when your 100-mile distance races get cancelled? You strive for more! Denise Bourassa, an ultra marathon runner and member of Team Injinji, quickly adjusted her training routine in order to run The Moab 240 when she found out the UTMB 100-mile race had been cancelled. What's it like for an ultra runner like Denise to adjust for an extra ~140 miles?

Amy Sproston Sets the New FKT for the Jordan Trail

November 4, 2020
Amy Sproston, an ultra runner, a longtime member of Team Injinji, and now the first and only woman to run the Jordan Trail, has set the new fastest overall time for this course at a record of 8 days, 9 hours, and 28 minutes. Her amazing accomplishment is one of many but she specifically chose this FKT attempt to empower women and encourage them to take on big adventures.