Amy Sproston Sets the New FKT for the Jordan Trail

November 4, 2020
Amy Sproston, an ultra runner, a longtime member of Team Injinji, and now the first and only woman to run the Jordan Trail, has set the new fastest overall time for this course at a record of 8 days, 9 hours, and 28 minutes. Her amazing accomplishment is one of many but she specifically chose this FKT attempt to empower women and encourage them to take on big adventures.

Colorado Trail FKT Set By Mike McKnight

October 30, 2020
While 2020 may have slowed down the pace of the world, it hasn’t stopped Team Injinji member Mike McKnight from accomplishing big things this year. From running a 100-miler on zero calories in May, to creating and running his own race called the BRAWL in July, Mike used this time as an opportunity to train, prepare, and execute challenging feats.

Running for the Wells

October 21, 2020
Whether you run to stay in shape, run for a cause, or run just to run, everyone has their reasons for why they do it. For Jonathan Gunderson, he connects his passion for running with his passion for humanitarianism. Read about Jonathan's start to his journey and continuance of running for the wells.

The History of SURF: San Diego Ultra Running Friends

October 6, 2020
No matter where you call home, each city or community has a running group with a history and story worth telling. If you live in San Diego, California, almost every ultra and trail runner has at least heard of the group San Diego Ultrarunning Friends (SURF). Team Injinji Scott "Scotty" Mills tells us about the history of long-time local running group SURF and their mission to bring runners of all distances together!

The Real Deal: Training and Being Pregnant with Cate Barrett

September 15, 2020
Team Injinji Ambassador Cate Barrett talks training and being pregnant for the first time (CONGRATS!). After COVID-19 first hit in the early spring, cancelling her 2020 racing season, she decided it was the perfect time to start a family. Take a look into her life as she progresses through her journey of pregnancy while being an elite marathoner!

Why You Should Add a Liner Sock to Your Must-Have Gear List

July 2, 2020
Have you been hearing about something called a “liner sock” lately? Ever wondered what that is? Or why someone would want it? Let’s break it down. Spoiler alert: you’re going to want to add a pair (or five) to your sock drawer.

How Team Injinji Keeps Busy At Home

May 27, 2020
As our members of Team Injinji spent more time at home in recent months to stay safe and healthy, they revealed to us some of their go-to activities and advice for those who have also been spending time at home. Here is what they had to say:

Team Injinji’s Home Workouts

April 20, 2020
We asked professional athletes what they do to stay in shape when they workout from home. They provided us with their detailed routines, what motivates them, and a bit of advice for others who are looking to do the same. Here is what Team Injinji is doing to stay active!

Team Injinji’s Favorite Go-To Home Meals

April 11, 2020
We asked our athletes on Team Injinji what their favorite go-to home meals are so that you can get inspired to make something new and delicious for yourself at home! Here are some of their favorites.

Ready. Sock. Go.

March 24, 2020
As many of us continue to stay and work from home, it is best we try to pick up activities to maintain the normalcy of our daily lives or use this time to learn something new. This includes everything from reading a book, putting puzzles together, working out at home, or picking up that hobby you’ve been meaning to try out. That’s why we want you to join us in #ReadySockGo!