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How To Trail Run With Your Dog

November 7, 2023
Running on trails is a great way to decompress from the daily grind and enjoy nature. It can be even more fulfilling to bring your best friend along with you. Learn how to approach trail running with your dog and pick up some tips from Team Injinji athletes Mike Wardian and Garrick and Trish Arends who routinely run with their dogs on trails.

The 30 Best Gifts For Runners and People Who Work Out

November 6, 2023
From moisture-wicking apparel to high-tech GPS watches, this curated list of running gifts is sure to satisfy your running and fitness focused friends. Find the best Injinji styles for every preference and gear that'll make their day.

Courtney Dauwalter’s Must Have Trail Running Gear

October 30, 2023
Learn about the trail running gear Courtney Dauwalter can't live without including her hydration vest, sunglasses, Injinji socks, and more of her tried-and-true trail running essentials!

The Top 10 Best Running Books

October 10, 2023
One of the best ways to become a better runner is to learn from other more skilled runners. Since most people are not in the company of elite athletes, check out this list of the top 10 books about running. Whether you're curious about running or in need of professional expertise, there's a book in here for every runner.

Head to Toe with Coach Jeff: Measuring Progress

September 25, 2023
In this can't miss episode of "Head to Toe with Coach Jeff," Injinji athlete Jeff Browning unveils the keys to effective goal setting and progress tracking. In just a couple of minutes, discover his winning strategy for keeping motivation consistent and taking your training to the next level!

Track Running Best Practices

August 7, 2023
San Diego Track Club Coach Meriah Earle gives her six best tips for having successful track running sessions at any skill level.

How I Cut an Hour Off My Marathon Time

July 3, 2023
San Diego Track Club member Jillian Rodriguez started training for a marathon with the single goal of finishing but she quickly fell in love with the sport. Learn about how she cut her marathon time by 67 minutes with the help of the San Diego Track Club.

6 Tips for Running in Hot Weather

June 26, 2023
Learn how to manage the summer heat with our best hot weather running tips, from how to hydrate to what to wear, we've got you covered!

The History of Ultra Races

June 19, 2023
Ultra races have exploded in popularity over the last couple of decades but have you ever wondered how they came to be? Learn about the rich history of long-distance running and the state of ultrarunning today.

The Benefits of Pilates, Yoga, and Barre

June 15, 2023
Studio workouts are a great way to incorporate different types of movement into your running routine. Yoga, Pilates, and barre are excellent ways to build muscle, practice mindfulness, and relieve tension. Learn more about how studio workouts can help you create a well-rounded fitness routine.