Guides, Tips & Tricks

An Introduction To Crewing and Pacing

June 30, 2022
What does it mean to crew or pace a runner during an ultra race? Learn what to expect and how to prepare from an ultra runner's perspective.

Which Injinji Toesock Height is Best For Me?

May 9, 2022
Injinji toesocks are constructed in a variety of heights to accommodate all lifestyles and personal preferences. Read on to learn about our various heights and how they complement different runs, shoes, and occasions.

Seeking Adventure with Andrew Miller

May 2, 2022
Injinji Athlete Andrew Miller was raised to seek adventure through outdoor activities like backpacking and trail running. He shares his top backpacking tips and a little background on how he got started at a young age.

How To Pick Out a Race

March 2, 2022
The incredible athletes on Team Injinji are seasoned racers and they're here to give some advice on what to look for when choosing a race and how to approach picking one from the myriad of scheduled events all over the world.

Ways to Improve Your Running Performance In The Gym

February 22, 2022
As a runner, cross-training has multiple implications for the success and longevity of your running schedule. Coach Jeff Browning gives us advice on how and why to cross-train, coinciding with the release of the new Injinji Trainer.

Brandy Erholtz on Snowshoe Running

February 4, 2022

Team Injinji athlete Brandy Erholtz tells her snowshoe running journey from beginner to adding major competitive events to her bucket list. She explains why you should give it a chance and the rewarding aspects of the sport.

Head to Toe with Coach Jeff: Race Day Nutrition

January 24, 2022
New year, new video! Coach Jeff is back with another installment in our exclusive series "Head to Toe with Coach Jeff". Learn about race day and long-run nutrition to level up your training and surpass your running goals in 2022.

Tips to Keep You Running Through the Winter

January 5, 2022
Winter can be harsh for outdoor runners but these expert tips from Team Injinji athletes will help get you moving in the colder months.

Tips for Running at Night from Injinji Pro Athletes

October 29, 2021
It's November, which means it's National Running Safety Month! With that in mind, we asked our Team Injinji athletes what their one most important tip is for running at night. Stay safe out there!

An Introduction to Running Camps

August 27, 2021
Have you ever heard of a running camp? The last time you may have heard mention of or been to a running camp was probably back in high school or college. But did you know there are running camps for adults too? We break down the different types of running camps and what their purpose is at different levels of running experience.