Team Injinji

Head to Toe with Coach Jeff: Race Day Nutrition

January 24, 2022
New year, new video! Coach Jeff is back with another installment in our exclusive series "Head to Toe with Coach Jeff". Learn about race day and long-run nutrition to level up your training and surpass your running goals in 2022.

Travis Macy and the Sport of Skimo

January 11, 2022
Endurance athlete Travis Macy has more to give in the sport of Skimo as he trains for some of the world's biggest events.

All Things Running With Mike Wardian

December 3, 2021
Mike Wardian is a well known road marathon runner with multiple podium finishes, has set world records, including the World Marathon Majors (7 marathons in 7 days). He held a previous Guinness World Record of running the fastest marathon dressed in an Elvis costume.

Mike McKnight Wins the Moab 240

October 25, 2021
Mike McKnight booked his 5th 200 miler win and 8th finish just two weeks ago at the MOAB 240. With getting third place his first-ever attempt at this race and first place his second time around, it seems he has an affinity for this particular ultra marathon event. Way to go Mike!

An Exclusive Interview with Team Injinji's Courtney Dauwalter

September 15, 2021
We sat down with one of the most notable figures in the ultra running community and Team Injinji athlete, Courtney Dauwalter, for an exclusive interview where she talks about her most recent race at UTMB 2021, her love for nachos, and also answers questions from San Diego's running community!

Michael Wardian’s Comeback at the Hardrock 100

August 18, 2021
Michael Wardian is no stranger to the Hardrock 100 Endurance Run, yet difficulties can arise for anyone seemingly out of nowhere. Such was the case for Mike in this year's race. However, Mike was able to catch a second wind, and with the help of his crew, he got right back up on his feet and persevered.

2021 Badwater 135 Race Recap

July 28, 2021
Written from the perspective of Injinji's Team Manager, Isabella Janovick, this blog describes her experience as a crew member and pacer for Team Injinji athlete, Jonathan Gunderson, as they took on the 2021 Badwater 135 Ultramarathon.

Preparing to Pace at Badwater 135

July 14, 2021
Team Injinji manager Isabella "IzzyB" Janovick will be pacing Team Injinji's own Jonathan Gunderson in the upcoming race, the Badwater 135. She discusses how she tackled preparation to be ready to crew and pace for 'The World's Toughest Foot Race'.

Badwater 135: Training for the Heat

July 9, 2021
What does it take to run 135 miles in the desert in the middle of summer? Heat training - Lots of it. Team Injinji members Jonathan "Gundy" Gunderson and Amy Costa break down their training routine for racing in the Badwater 135 and the mental challenges that come with racing in the heat of the desert.

Badwater 135: An Introduction to the 'World's Toughest Foot Race'

July 5, 2021
Can you imagine running 135 miles nonstop through the desert in the middle of summer? That's exactly what ultra runners who participate in the Badwater 135 ultramarathon strive to accomplish. Read what makes this run one of the most demanding and extreme races on the planet.