Team Injinji

What Makes Injinji the Top Performing Sock?

November 21, 2022
Athletes search far and wide for dependable, high-performance gear to help them achieve their goals. While socks may not be the first consideration when seeking gear, they are one of the most important pieces of training apparel. Learn more about why Injinji toesocks are the top performing choice among athletes.

Head to Toe with Coach Jeff: Recovery Runs

November 7, 2022
We are back with episode four of Head to Toe with Coach Jeff! This video series features ultra athlete and coach, Jeff Browning. Champion of several elite endurance races, Jeff is a master of training. In this video, he teaches us the benefits of easy runs and why recovery is a non-negotiable part of any runner's routine.

The 800 Mile Arizona Trail Showdown

October 12, 2022
Team Injinji's Mike McKnight and fellow athlete and friend, Ben Light, have dreamed up the 800 Mile Arizona Trail Showdown in which they will compete against each other by racing the iconic Arizona Trail for the fastest known time. Learn more about how and why these athletes are inspired to race 800 miles through the desert.

Courtney Dauwalter's FKT On The Collegiate Loop

October 10, 2022
Team Injinji's Courtney Dauwalter set the new FKT on the Collegiate Loop on the Colorado Trail. In an astonishing performance, Courtney beat the previous women's and men's records. Read on to learn about how she pulled off this amazing multi-day effort.

How To Start Track Running

October 4, 2022
Track running is a popular sport that utilizes a 400 meter artificial surface in the shape of an oval for competitors to train and compete on. Altogether different from road and trail running, we asked San Diego's iconic Track Club Coach, Paul Greer, to explain the benefits of track running and how to start.

Team Injinji Takes On The Moab 240

September 22, 2022
Three Team Injinji athletes are taking on Moab 240, an endurance event famous for its incredible desert scenery, as the 238.2 mile course loops through two of Utah's National Parks.

Tara Warren Preps For UTMB's TDS Race

August 16, 2022
Team Injinji's Tara Warren will compete in the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc TDS race, characterized by challenging technical climbs and fast descents. Read about how she's prepped for the upcoming race and what she hopes to achieve.

Mission Accomplished—Mike Wardian's "Running Home" Project

August 8, 2022
Team Injinji athlete Mike Wardian, has completed his Running Home project! Mike traversed the US along route 50, from San Francisco, California to Dewey Beach, Delaware in 62 days. Mike has traveled 3,234 miles and raised over $100,00 for clean water initiatives with World Vision. A HUGE congratulations to Mike and his crew on this massive accomplishment!

The Best Socks For Running In Hot Weather

August 1, 2022
Hot weather running presents many innate challenges which makes it even more important to wear the most comfortable, functional gear. Injinji offers a variety of running socks for the heat and hot weather – find your Injinji today.

Amy Sproston Preps For Appalachian Trail FKT Attempt

July 26, 2022
In this interview with Team Injinji's Amy Sproston, we discuss her plan to score the female self-supported FKT (Fastest Known Time) for thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. This nearly 2,200-mile feat requires a lot of preparation, from physical training, to tailoring your gear and nutrition—and Amy hopes to complete it in 50 days.