Why You Should Wear Toesocks

March 25, 2021
Skeptical about trying toesocks? First time hearing about them? We break down the top reasons why you should wear toesocks. You might be surprised by just how much they can offer for your feet.

Why You Should Add a Liner Sock to Your Must-Have Gear List

July 2, 2020
Have you been hearing about something called a “liner sock” lately? Ever wondered what that is? Or why someone would want it? Let’s break it down. Spoiler alert: you’re going to want to add a pair (or five) to your sock drawer.

5 Toe-Riffic Benefits of Injinji Toesocks

July 21, 2017
If you haven’t noticed, Injinji toesocks are one of a kind. They put the fun in functional and keep your feet comfortable, no matter the task. Plus, they’re meant for every type of athlete—from the hardcore to the hardly moving. If you’ve got feet, Injinji has a sock for you.

5 Ways Compression Can Upgrade Your Activities

February 7, 2017
Athletes are always trying to find ways to increase their performance and comfort. In the past few years, one of the trends in performance activewear has been compression but what can adding a little compression to your activities really do for you?

Why Toesocks?

November 11, 2016
There are people out there (active and not-so-much), who wonder why people would wear toesocks. Some remember toesocks as the rainbow striped, knee-high socks of their childhood—made to be flashy and fun, but not so functional. But toesocks have grown up, and they’re not the ones you grew up with, they’re so much more.

Why You Should Be Wearing More Wool

September 22, 2016
When someone says the words “wool socks” to you, what do you imagine? If it’s a pair of thick, scratchy things you were forced to wear when it was cold outside, you’re not alone. But if that’s all you know wool as, you’re missing out! From trail running to tee time, wool is a wonder material for just about everyone.

3 Reasons to Workout Tech-Free (Sometimes)

April 21, 2016
Between cutting-edge fitness trackers, a variety of music sources on the go, and apps that track your workout from start to finish, any physical activity can benefit from a bit of technology.

Soccer Does More Than Simply Kick You Into Shape

February 2, 2016
Since this is one of the only sports in which you’re constantly moving, Soccer’s health benefits are endless.

The Benefits of Running in the Cold

January 19, 2016
From helping to reduce heat stress when running to assisting with burning off seasonal weight gain, running during the cold wintery months is a smart choice.

Is Curling the Winter Sport for You?

January 12, 2016
Curling has many benefits that make it an appealing sport for all. Here are some reasons why you may want to take up curling as your main activity this winter.