The Best Socks For Running

March 21, 2024

Toesocks may look a bit funny, but when it comes to performance on the road, track, or trail, they truly make the world of a difference. If you are hesitant to try toesocks for the first time, that’s okay! We totally get it. That’s why we asked Team Injinji Athletes Garrick Arends, Zach Bates, and Bobby Tran to share about their experiences wearing toesocks, and why they prefer them over traditional socks. Garrick, Zach, and Bobby are ultra runners and endurance athletes from across the U.S. who train and race exclusively in Injinji toesocks.  

Team Injinji Athlete Garrick Arends running on a trail with huge mountains in the background.Team Injinji Athlete Garrick Arends running on a trail with huge mountains in the background.
Garrick Arends

The Benefits of Wearing Toesocks 

There are three top benefits for why you should wear toesocks: blister prevention, total foot utilization, and moisture management.

  • Blister prevention: Injinji toesocks prevent blisters by wrapping each toe in sweat-wicking fabric and eliminating skin-on-skin friction.
  • Total foot utilization: Injinji toesocks allow your toes to align and splay naturally, letting you engage your entire foot while running or exercising.
  • Moisture management: Injinji toesocks are designed with moisture-wicking materials to absorb sweat and create a cool, dry environment for your feet.

When did you discover Injinji?

Garrick: I first discovered Injinji roughly eight years ago after one of my daily running buddies swore by them. I slowly threw away all my other socks as I loaded up on my toe hugging lovers! Haha.

Zach: I have been wearing Injinji since my first ultra in 2021. My good friend and ultrarunning mentor taught me that to avoid injury, I needed to use quality gear and Injinji socks were one of the first things he told me I needed to invest in.

Bobby: My barefoot running journey kicked off in 2012 with Vibram FiveFingers. The following year, I stumbled upon my first pair of Injinji toesocks, and that was an absolute game-changer. No more hot spots or blistering headaches!

What was your experience wearing toesocks for the first time?

Garrick: The first run in my Injinji toesocks was weirdly satisfying!  I thought it would be tough to get used to material between the toes, but it wasn’t even a thought once I got running.

Zach: When I started running, I thought toesocks were a little weird, but when I ran my first marathon, I had major blister issues. After that, I knew I needed to be more careful with my feet. So, when I ran my first ultra, a 50-miler, a few weeks later, I trusted Injinji to protect my feet and I’ve been faithfully using them since. Now I wear them even when I’m not running.

Bobby: I was absolutely hooked the moment I tried them on! They instantly upped the comfort level from the barefoot feel of wearing FiveFingers.

Team Injinji Athlete Bobby Tran standing in the middle of a barren highway at dusk.Team Injinji Athlete Bobby Tran standing in the middle of a barren highway at dusk.
Team Injinji Athlete Zach Bates standing on a desert trail near a saguaro cactus with his leg up on a rock showing off his Injinji Artist Designed Men's Crew socks.Team Injinji Athlete Zach Bates standing on a desert trail near a saguaro cactus with his leg up on a rock showing off his Injinji Artist Designed Men's Crew socks.

Bobby Tran (Left) and Zach Bates (Right)

Why do you wear toesocks, and what is your favorite thing about them?

Garrick: After numerous backcountry runs through rugged Idaho mountains, and many races, all without blisters, I was sold! I love the Crew height styles, as they help protect the ankles/shins in the rugged back country as well as protection in the snow in the winter. But overall, my favorite thing is less friction with the toes, which results in little to no blisters. 

Zach: Toesocks provide a layer of protection and cushioning everywhere chafing can occur. I know that when I wear them, I am much less likely to get blisters. Because my feet feel better, I’m able to run faster and keep good form.

Bobby: The top-notch moisture management that keeps my feet cool and dry. They're definitely my trusted companions for running and everyday wear. They're my secret for a friction-free, fully engaged experience. I now run in Altras, and still appreciate that barefoot feel, plus it helps me take my performance to the next level.

What would you say to athletes hesitant to try toesocks?

Garrick: What is the hesitation? Worse case they don’t work for you, not every product works for everyone. But what if you like them, love them and can’t live without them? They are affordable, durable and will make your feet happy!

Zach: Athletes might not want to try toesocks because they are worried about extra bulk between their toes. I was worried about that at first and started out with the thinner options. I eventually tried the thicker Trail socks, and now they are my preferred choice.

Bobby: Honestly, it might just be a matter of giving them a shot and staying open-minded, especially when it comes to their appearance. I've suggested them to friends and family, and once they try, they're hooked for their runs too! 

If you could recommend one pair of Injinji socks to runners, which pair would it be and why?

Garrick: For those running in the backcountry, during the winter, or just through rugged terrain, I’d suggest the Trail Midweight Crew

Zach: My favorite Injinji socks are the Trail Midweight Mini-Crew. They provide comfort and protection on the trails; from flat and fast, to steep and technical. They’re tall enough to protect my ankles and have just the right amount of cushion for a smooth run. 

Bobby: I'm a die-hard fan of the Run Lightweight No-Show socks for regular runs, as they keep your feet cool and dry, plus the arch band provides extra support and stability! For extended miles, the Ultra Run No-Show socks are a close runner-up! I'm a big fan of the No-Show height, as they're versatile for summer too!

Not sure which pair to wear? We’d recommend starting with our bestselling Run socks, the most versatile running sock for training, races, and every mile in between.