The Best Socks For Running In Hot Weather

August 1, 2022

Fortunately, running is a year-round sport but the changing of the seasons requires adjustments in mileage, nutrition, and gear, depending on your environment. While winter running may require spikes and gloves, summer running is all about light, breathable, sweat-wicking fabrics. To run your best in high temperatures, it’s crucial to make thoughtful choices about your gear, from head to toe. As a runner, you may have wondered, what are the best running socks for hot weather?

It’s true that much of every runner’s gear comes down to personal preference, but the foot freedom of toesocks, compared to traditional socks, is undeniable

Blisters, hot spots, and chafing are even more common in hot weather when humidity and temperature meet at record highs. For example, your feet are much more prone to swelling and sweating when running in the heat, which makes separating your toes and allowing your feet to splay naturally a key element in wicking away moisture and reducing friction. Running in hot weather already presents innate challenges with electrolyte depletion and overheating, stay ahead of the game by protecting your feet from the uncomfortable side effects of relentless heat and humidity.

Run Lightweight No-Show

Injinji’s top pick for the best running socks to wear in the heat is the Run Lightweight No-Show. This bestseller features a mesh top for breathability, ultra-thin lightweight cushioning, and a heel tab, all in a no-show length perfect for hot weather running. Its five-toe design eliminates skin-on-skin friction and it’s made with COOLMAX fibers to wick away sweat, ultimately helping to prevent blisters. Sold in unisex and women’s specific sizing, the Run Lightweight No-Show is a great option for summer running. Prefer a little more coverage? The Run Lightweight Mini-Crew is a great alternative, offering for a higher rise on the ankle, incorporating the same benefits as the no-show option.

Run Lightweight No-Show in Limeade.Run Lightweight No-Show in Limeade.
Run Lightweight No-Show in White/Gray.Run Lightweight No-Show in White/Gray.

Sport Original Weight Mini-Crew 

Runner-up for the best hot weather running socks is the Sport Original Weight Mini-Crew. The Sport series is designed in three heights, hidden, mini-crew, and crew, and they're made with a high percentage of COOLMAX fiber which provides superior moisture management and sweat-wicking capabilities ideal for high temperatures. The Sport series toesocks are incredibly versatile as they are made in original weight, providing moderate cushioning, comparable to a traditional sock. Individually wrapped toes eliminate friction while arch support adds a secure fit making these socks perfect for road, trail, or gym. Opt for the mini-crew height for light ankle protection or the crew height to seal out more dirt and debris. 

Model wearing the Sport Original Weight Mini-Crew in Black.Model wearing the Sport Original Weight Mini-Crew in Black.
Model stretching in the Sport Original Weight Mini-Crew in Black.Model stretching in the Sport Original Weight Mini-Crew in Black.

Find your Injinji and learn more about the benefits of wearing toesocks. Thinking ahead to cooler temps? Shop the Trail series, perfect for shoulder season running and hiking.