Injinji Sport Series

Anti-Blister Athletic Toesocks 

If you’re looking for the perfect athletic socks, you’ve found your match. The Injinji Sport series is a collection of high quality cushioned athletic socks that have been trusted by athletes for over 20 years to provide premium comfort and performance for workouts in and out of the gym. These versatile socks integrate Injinji’s signature benefits, making them the ideal socks for sports and fitness classes. Jump, squat and run with confidence in these innovative socks.  

Sport Series Key Features

  • Blister Prevention - The Sport socks are designed with individual toe sleeves to keep your toes separated, effectively preventing blister-causing friction.
  • Moisture Management - Moisture-wicking COOLMAX EcoMade fibers efficiently wick away sweat and leave your feet feeling cool and dry. Nylon fibers add durability and softness.
  • Total Foot Utilization – The five-toe design grants your entire foot and toes the freedom to splay and align naturally on impact.
  • Versatile Cushioning - If you’re looking for the best cushioned athletic socks, the Sport series is available in Injinji’s Original Weight (thickness), which is the perfect level of cushion without feeling bulky in your shoe. Injinji also offers Lightweight Sport socks, which provide thin cushioning and low-profile comfort.
  • Unisex Sizing - All sports socks are available in Unisex sizes, making them the perfect men’s and women’s athletic socks.
  • Stylish Heights - Whether you prefer crew athletic socks, ankle athletic socks, or low-cut athletic socks, there is a great option in the lineup for you.
Man stretching his on the floor, touching his toes, wearing the Injinji Sport Original Weight Mini-Crew.Man stretching his on the floor, touching his toes, wearing the Injinji Sport Original Weight Mini-Crew.

Which Sport Sock Is Right For You?

Injinji Sport Lightweight Hidden toesocks.Injinji Sport Lightweight Hidden toesocks.

Sport Lightweight Hidden

Injinji’s Athletic Low-Cut Sock 

The Sport Lightweight Hidden is a low-cut sock with a barely-there look and feel. Equipped with a silicone tab, there’s no need to worry about this athletic sock slipping around in your shoe.  

Injinji Sport Original Weight Mini-Crew toesocks.Injinji Sport Original Weight Mini-Crew toesocks.

Sport Original Weight Mini-Crew

Injinji’s Athletic Ankle Sock 

The Sport Original Weight Mini-Crew is an athletic ankle sock that offers low-bulk cushioning. This sock’s snug fit ensures that the ankle cuff won’t slip or slide during dynamic movements.  

Injinji Sport Original Weight Crew toesocks.Injinji Sport Original Weight Crew toesocks.

Sport Original Weight Crew

Injinji’s Athletic Crew Sock 

The Sport Original Weight Crew is an athletic crew sock that hits mid-calf. The protective cushion and anti-blister qualities make these the perfect men’s and women’s athletic crew socks.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are athletic socks? 

Athletic socks are socks that are specifically designed to work with, not against, your feet during workouts. Athletic socks provide high performance benefits including blister prevention, moisture management, and total foot utilization to allow you to run, jump, kick and pivot comfortably.

What is the difference between Sport socks and normal socks?

There are a few major differences between Sport socks and normal socks. When you sweat, normal socks soak up and retain the moisture, which combines with skin-on-skin friction and heat from physical activity to create uncomfortable blisters between your toes. Injinji’s Sport socks combat this issue by wrapping each toe in moisture wicking COOLMAX EcoMade fibers, which efficiently wick away sweat and eliminate skin-on-skin friction. While normal socks restrict your feet with a singular sleeve for your entire foot and toes, Injinji Sport socks have an anatomical fit with five individual toe sleeves, effectively separating your toes to give them the freedom to spread and splay naturally upon impact.

What do sport socks do?

Sport socks prevent blisters by reducing skin-on-skin friction and wicking away sweat. They have a restriction-free feel that makes dynamic movements feel seamless.

What type of socks are good for sports?

Injinji’s toesocks that are good for sports include the Sport Lightweight Hidden, the Sport Original Weight Mini-Crew, and the Sport Original Weight Crew. All of these socks offer optimum performance and comfort by preventing blisters, wicking moisture, and freeing you to use your entire foot and toes.  

What socks are best for athletes?

Athletes will love Injinji’s Sport series, as these socks work with your feet to get you through every physical challenge. High impact athletics can do major damage to your feet and toes, and Injinji’s Sport socks offer protection with their anti-blister toe sleeves and comfortable cushioning. Plus moisture wicking COOLMAX EcoMade fibers work to evaporate sweat efficiently, so your feet feel cool and dry.