Head to Toe with Coach Jeff: Measuring Progress

September 25, 2023

Team Injinji athlete and running coach Jeff Browning has some more words of wisdom to share in the next episode of “Head to Toe with Coach Jeff.” After working to complete the Rocky Mountain Slam this summer (four 100-mile ultras in the Rocky Mountains) Jeff has learned quite a thing or two about goal setting.  

In this video blog, Coach Jeff discusses the importance of goal setting and progress tracking in training. He suggests runners measure progress through consistent long runs or repeating specific workouts, and using races as milestones and motivation. Watch the video to hear Jeff explain why incorporating additional runs or races into your schedule can be extremely beneficial to long-term training.  

Measuring Progress Video Transcript

Hey, Jeff Browning here with a coaching tip. I am in the midst of the Rocky Mountain Slam, four 100-milers in the Rockies this summer, and I want to talk about goal setting and progress.  

So, there’s a couple ways to look at this when you’re in training. Most of the time our goal setting is by time or it’s by finishing a specific race.  

For me, it’s finishing these four 100-milers. So, I want you to think about when you have that goal, having some kind of way to measure your progress as you’re coming towards that goal. Now, that can be in the form of long runs or specific workouts that you go do the same workout multiple times so you can measure progress in the same exact scenario, that’s one.  

Number two: use races as your progression and using those as a progress indicator. So, for example, if you were doing a 50-miler at the end of the summer, you can do a half marathon and then a marathon or you can do a 50K, as you build up to that 50-miler. Or, whether it’s a marathon and you want to do a 5 and 10K and half marathon and marathon; so, using races as progress indicators. Also, I like to use them as carrots because it keeps you getting out the door on those harder days when you’re not as motivated to get out to train. When you have those carrots on your schedule, that really helps you get out the door and that way you’re keeping a very consistent training schedule. 

So hopefully that helps you guys out there; have a great fall, giddy up!  

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