Star Spotlight: Christina Kim

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On March 26, 2013

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The talented, charismatic, and downright hilarious Christina Kim rolled through San Diego on the LPGA Tour last week and paid us a visit to Injinji HQ. A California native, Christina has golfed professionally since the age of 18. She has made a name for herself with multiple wins around the world tours and has proudly represented the USA three times in the biannual prestigious Solheim cup. What’s more-- she is a die-hard Inijnji fan and sings our praises around the globe.

We sat down with an Injinji-clad Christina and grilled her about her admitted obsession with Injinji toesocks, her personal style, and the game of golf.


Q: When did you start wearing Injinjis?

A: I started wearing the socks in 2009. Now not a day goes by where I don't wear my Injinjis; traditional socks just feel like a prison to me!

Q: Who or what turned you onto Injinji socks?

A: Hall of Fame LPGA golfer Beth Daniel and Meg Mallon showed me the socks. After a lifetime of suffocating “regular” socks, in addition to doing the whole high heels/dancing combo whenever I wasn't on the golf course or out for a run, I felt like I noticed the onset of hammer toes start to emerge. I started to wear Injinji socks and felt such freedom in my feet, which led to everywhere else -my calves, knees, hips, back and brain.

Q: What specific benefits do you find Injinji socks have for golfers? How have Injinjis impacted your game?

A: I know that for a lot of people the benefits of not getting blisters is big because the toes are separated, but I truly feel like the fact that my feet are able to sit as naturally as possible (while encased in a leather coffin of a golf shoe) has helped me immensely with balance, stability, proprioception, and overall health and well being. I can say for myself, that from the time I first started wearing the Injinji to now, my toes have straightened out from the onset of hammertoes. Even though I have a touch of a flat foot, my feet are now as functional as ever.

Q: What is your tournament sock of choice?

A: When I'm on the golf course, I prefer the Original Weight socks. The golf shoes I presently wear are a classic design and can be a bit heavy, so having some padding surrounding the foot has been a lifesaver. They help me stay grounded when I’m swinging a club.

Q: What are your gear essentials when you aren’t golfing?

A: When I'm at the gym, on a run, or hiking with friends, I have fallen in love with the Lightweight No-Show socks. They feel like I'm walking on air, it truly is remarkable! I also love Sanuk sandals.

Q: Have you seen more Injinjis out on the golf course in recent years?

A: Definitely! I'm not the only player currently wearing the socks. Currently still playing, Hall of Famer Karrie Webb and Swedish long ball Sophie Gustafson both love their Injinjis. We are a small group of players that I hope will expand to share the proper foot alignment, comfort and the overall well being we all enjoy.

Q: What other activities do you enjoy when you aren’t on the course?

A: I love yoga and am a big fan of the Injinji yoga toe socks with the sticky pads on the bottoms!


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