Team Injinji’s Home Workouts

April 20, 2020

Following our tip & exercises for working out at home blog post which can be read here, we wanted to provide insight on what professional athletes are doing at home to stay in shape. Here is how Team Injinji is staying active!


Steve Speirs

During the week, I usually do a 30-minute outdoor run before work, some basic core work around mid-day, followed by a Peloton cycling class later in the day. I'm enjoying the accountability of the power zone cycling workouts at the moment.

Jill Becker

I've been going on runs or walks on my backyard trails. I utilize the dirt trails right by me, instead of driving to mountain trails while following the social distancing guidelines. During this time, I have also been taking to focus more on body weight strength and core exercises. I have been keeping my yoga mat out on my living room floor as motivation to not forget to do these workouts!

Jeff Stern

I make sure to take technology breaks every 45 minutes or so. I get up, go outside and do some breath work. A quick core or push-up circuit gives my mind a break and keeps my active despite sheltering in place.

Joe Dean

I have a very runner friendly neighborhood. I have started to do my runs mid-day to break up the work from home days. I have also started a routine of doing 10 pushups before and 25 squats during every conference call that I have.

Brandy Erholtz

I live in Hayden which is only 24 miles from Steamboat (where all the good trails are), however, since our state has been on lock down, we've been advised to not drive for exercise. So, I've been exploring new dirt roads/streets in town. I've also been using the incline on my treadmill do so some power-hiking. I have a 50-mile race in September, and I am using this as a motivator.

Mike McKnight

Fortunately, in Utah, our Governor still wants us to exercise and running outside is encouraged. I know this is a controversial topic, even if it is allowed.  But even more fortunately, my house is 20 ft from a trailhead that doesn't get a lot of traffic. So, I'm still able to run every day in the mountains and not see anyone. I do strength training workouts from my home though.  The majority of what I do is body weight, so no equipment needed. I do own a pull up bar, a pair of 20 lb. dumbbells, and resistance bands. 3 days a week I do strength/mobility workouts targeting my shoulders, triceps, hips, quads and hamstrings. Doing so helps me keep range of motion and strengthen important muscles for reducing the risk of overuse injuries.

Cate Barrett

I move every day; usually I go for a run. I am keeping it simple; I am not following a training plan. I am holding myself to lower standards than before this hit. Like 5 miles is great, even if it’s a far cry from my marathon training where I’d do 10 a day.

Andrew Miller

With many trailheads closed and people being encouraged to stay inside it can be tough to keep training. To stay healthy and motivated I try to set realistic goals. I’ve been scaling back my plans to something I can do. This is much more effective than wishing I could do more and doing nothing. It might not be optimal but doing something is better than nothing. I’m fortunate that I can still run outside a little bit, but it’s limited where I can go. All the places I like to run are closed, so I’m trying to make the best of what I can do. To break up the monotony, I try to make a game out of runs. Maybe run easy for 10 or 15 minutes to warm up. Then go fast for 5 minutes, then easy, then fast again. Changing things up helps the run become more enjoyable.

Jonathan Gunderson

I am using a combination of nice, distanced runs directly from my house as well as the few weights and household weighted items to create bodyweight-centric workout to feel good during these crazy times.

Mike Wardian

I have been sticking to my workouts and runs as if I still have races to prepare for and I also have been taking on a lot of Fastest Known Times and solo challenges. Those goals are keeping me fired up and hungry.

A few common themes to note amongst Team Injinji’s responses are that you don’t always need weights to work out and no matter the duration or intensity of your at-home workouts, any effort counts toward your progress to staying in shape. Use their routines for your own benefit and keep up the good work(outs)!