Last-Minute Gifts Your Active Mom Will Love

May 10, 2018

It’s that time of year again… Mother’s Day! Here at Injinji, we love the ladies who gave us life, and we relish the chance to celebrate them. But some years we’re guilty of being a tad forgetful (sorry Mom!). So in honor of scatterbrained sons and daughters who love their active moms, we’ve collected a few of our favorite last-minute gifts so you can show your mom how much you care.

The Fitness Tracker

We know, fitness trackers aren’t groundbreaking gift ideas anymore. But have you seen some of the great tech coming out of everything from the tried and true brands to newcomers on the scene? Whether your mom could use something to track her runs, bike rides, hikes or swims, there's a tracker that can get it done. And this kind of tech is getting a LOT more streamlined in the looks department these days. What mom can’t use an upgrade in her fitness routine (that she doesn’t have to pay for)?

The Sport-Specific Gear

We don’t know about you ladies and gents, but our moms are certified adventurers. They love to hike, camp, bike, swim, run, get their yoga on and much, much more. And they need the gear to go with it! Whether it’s those toesocks they’ve had an eye on or a backpack full of their favorite dehydrated snacks, our moms have always loved getting something that helps them further their passions. So take a peek at Mom’s gear the next time you see her and find something that can supplement her stores. Or if you don’t get to see her very often, a nice card with a gift card for her favorite gear hub is great, too.

The Relaxation Station

Remember the benefits of a little relaxation when you’re thinking about this gift. It can be as simple as her favorite scented candle and a bottle of wine, or as elaborate as an entire spa-themed basket (complete with robe, slippers, bath bubbles and some relaxing music). Just remember to think about what would best help your mom slow down and appreciate a little relaxation best. Everyone deserves a little “me time” to break up their hectic lives.

The Gift of Time

We know, moms are hard to buy for because they always seem to have everything they need. But our absolute favorite thing to do (and our most recommended gift idea) is to find something to do that means you get to spend time with your mom. Whether it’s planning a hike or taking her out to brunch, moms tend to enjoy just being around their kids and doing something fun together.

So get out there and make some plans or buy a card and some flowers before it’s too late! But don’t forget, you can appreciate your mom more than just one day a year.

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