5 Things to Get Your Dad for Father’s Day that He’s Already Forgotten He Needs

June 8, 2018

Dads are the greatest, right? Show them how much you care by remembering all the handy products they can use to make their lives easier, even though they probably forgot you told them about these already.

1. A water bottle that *actually* fits in his cupholders.

Does anyone else’s dad think that ALL bottles are meant to be reused? Regardless, dads like portability and convenience, which means they probably complain that your suggestion for a nice, BPA-free water bottle won’t fit in their car’s cupholder. Give the gift that proves them wrong, while helping them hydrate (safely) with a reusable bottle.

2. A multi-tool that works in a pinch.

Who doesn’t love a tool that packs a punch? If your dad likes to fix things on the go, a credit card multi-tool, like this one, is a must. It’ll loosen a screw, tighten a bolt and open a beer, all in one card that fits in their wallets. Plus, if they happen to lock themselves out or need to do a little sleuthing, there’s a lock pick set included.

3. Socks that will keep him from getting blisters (at work or play).

Let’s be real, as tough and strong as our dads are, they do NOT do well when inconvenienced by minor annoyances, like blisters. Enter the toesock. While they may fight it at first (who doesn’t feel weird when putting something on your feet that looks like a glove for the first time?), dads will love these performance toesocks, no matter what they’re up to. Headed to the boardroom? These ones wick sweat and come in finer weaves. Out for an adventure? Keep Dad on his feet with these toesocks meant for more rugged days.

4. Golf balls. So many golf balls.

Get his favorite brand, get them customized if you’re feeling fancy, but you know your dad is going to love them if he’s as obsessed with the game as our dads. Does he hoard golf balls and will ask you why he got you more? Don’t worry! There are many more golf-related gifts you can get your dad, like tees, gloves and towels. You can even get those personalized too.

5. A DIY memento.

Remember when you made your dad a father’s day gift that you made him? How cute was that? No matter your age, dads have a soft spot for gifts their kids made them. We love the idea of using your unique talents to make him something that he can use and you had a hand in creating. So get out there and get your you on!

No matter what you get your dad this Father’s Day, we’re sure he’s going to love it. Because, like we said before, dads rock. And they love you! So do something that will make your dad feel loved, and you’ll be golden.

If you need help picking a gift for your active mom, we have ideas for her too!