How Team Injinji Keeps Busy At Home

May 27, 2020

As our members of Team Injinji spent more time at home in recent months to stay safe and healthy, they revealed to us some of their go-to activities and advice for those who have also been spending time at home. Here is what they had to say:

keeping busy at home

Jill Becker’s offers her take on productivity:

Doing something is better than doing nothing. Making to-do lists each day keeps me motivated and somewhat structured.

Jeff Stern shares his positive thoughts and advice:

Keep your discipline & drive alive; embrace the struggle – I remind myself that anything truly rewarding in life is at least a little scary and I know that we’ll all make it through this together.

Joe Dean on staying consistent and motivated:

I think being stir crazy has been motivation enough. I am an introvert, so the lack of social interaction isn’t bothering me, but I do need to change scenery every once in a while. These days, my only chance for that is going out for a run, so usually when I have time, I am ready to jump out the door.

Brandy Erholtz on keeping busy and staying in touch:

We’ve done two 1000 piece puzzles (actually 998 & 997 as we were missing pieces). We’ve been taking the dogs for lots of neighborhood walks and picking up garbage as we go (My friend Peter would call this plogging). As a family, we’ve been playing a lot of board games, baking, reading and watching our new favorite PBS show ‘Molly of Denali’. We are also dreaming/planning of all the adventures we can have once this is over. We’ve been trying to make a point to connect to friends/family who live out of state via cards, phone calls, etc. The local library has story-time stretcher yoga on Thursday for the kids – I’ve been joining in and realizing I need to start incorporating more yoga regularly into my routine.

Cate Barrett on using her time for giving back to her community:

This would have been a big break time for me anyway coming off the Olympic Trials, so I am using the time to reflect and lean into other areas of life like family, and giving back to the community. A few weeks ago I partnered with some friends and we raised almost $5,000 for our local food bank! I also went to give blood. That’s something I never would have done before while focusing on training.

Andrew Miller’s on staying in touch and picking up old hobbies:

Lately I’ve been trying to call my grandparents more frequently. It’s something I enjoy, but don’t do often enough. I’d highly recommend giving someone you love a call. I know they will appreciate it. Also, I’ve been playing my trumpet more frequently. I used to play a lot in middle and high school but have been much less consistent in recent years. Much of this is due to having less free time and spending most of that free time running. Now that I’m inside, playing my trumpet is fun and therapeutic in much the same way running is. Investing time in a different hobby might not have the same physical benefits as running, but I think it can provide an equally effective mental outlet. Overall, I’m trying to focus on what I can do and not worry about what I can’t do.

And lastly, Jonathan Gunderson:

Honestly, I just try to connect with people to get out of my bubble!

We appreciate all the responses made up of positive pieces of advice and activities that Team Injinji has to offer up for any readers to follow as they wish.

We hope that Team Injinji's words provide you some inspiration and reminds you to always stay positive, keep busy, and stay in touch with those you love. It is simple reminders like these that can make things just a little bit easier as we all spend our time practicing safe social distancing. Thank you Team Injinji for all of your ideas and advice!