Head to Toe with Coach Jeff: Running Warmups

July 16, 2021

In his first video, Team Injinji athlete and endurance running coach, Jeff Browning, provided tips on testing and improving big toe mobility for running and overall foot health. Today, he's back at it with another video to keep up with staying healthy and mobile!

Head to Toe with Coach JeffHead to Toe with Coach Jeff

In this second video of the series, Jeff shows us some of the warmups he does before a run to prevent injury and ensure the use of proper stretching techniques. It's important to stay loose and relaxed when running because tension can compromise running form. Here, Jeff runs through multiple warmups of not only legs but shoulders too!

You can learn more tips and tricks on staying healthy, mobile, and preventing injury with future videos from Jeff by subscribing to our YouTube channel here. You can also see Jeff's most recent conquest in a short documentary detailing his FKT at the Grand Canyon's 2xR2R2R produced by The Juniper Lab