Head to Toe with Coach Jeff

April 2, 2021

In this new series, Head to Toe with Coach Jeff, Jeff gives us some of his best tips for strength, mobility, form, and technique. If you’re familiar with Jeff, you know that he is an endurance running coach and a seasoned ultrarunner with an impressive resume. To learn more about Jeff, you can read about him here.

Jeff Browning, aka Coach JeffJeff Browning, aka Coach Jeff

Jeff begins his series from the bottom, starting with – you guessed it – feet! Watch this clip if you want to learn some toe yoga! Jeff can be seen wearing the Ultra Run Crew to help him move his toes for these particular exercises.

As runners, hikers, and/or fitness junkies, it’s important to maintain proper mobility to reduce your risk of injury. With this series, you can ensure you’re utilizing the correct techniques that will help you avoid getting hurt. A new video will be released every quarter so stay tuned if you want more tips on how to stay fit, healthy, and mobile. You can keep up with these videos by subscribing to our YouTube channel here.

Need a little more inspiration? You can now see Coach Jeff's most recent conquest in a short documentary detailing his FKT at the Grand Canyon's 2xR2R2R produced by The Juniper Lab