Exploring America's 5 Fittest Cities

May 14, 2014

By constructing more parks to help residents get active and launching farmers' markets to encourage wholesome nutrition, many U.S. cities are striving to promote healthy lifestyle.

Explore the top 5 fittest American cities according to ACSM American Fitness Index-maybe you'll find the right city for your active lifestyle!


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Explore the top 5 fittest American cities according to the ACSM American Fitness Index.

1. Minneapolis, Minnesota

14.6% of city land is dedicated to parks.

Minneapolis has more tennis courts, golf courses, and ball diamonds per capita than the target goal in the American Fitness Index.

2: Washington, D.C.

27.5% of the population eats 5+ servings of fruits/vegetables per day.

More of Washington D.C.’s population walks or bikes to work than the target goal in the American Fitness Index.

3: Portland, Oregon

Park-related expenditures per capita in Portland: $151.00

Portland residents explore 57,325 different running trail routes.

4: San Francisco, California

60.5% of San Francisco’s population is in excellent health.

With more farmers’ markets per capita than ACSM’s target goal, San Franciscans enjoy fresh local fare after hitting the yoga studio--talk about Zen!

5: Denver, Colorado

Over half of Denver’s population—55.8%—is moderately active.

Denver residents can enjoy 355 hiking trails within nearby Rocky Mountain National Park’s 415 scenic square miles.


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