Athlete Spotlight: Angela Shartel Featured Sock: Trail 2.0 Micro

June 3, 2014

“Never before have I been able to put a pair of socks on my feet and not think about them again until I discovered Injinji!! My past race in Virginia at Massanutten Mountain Trail 100 led me through some of the toughest, wettest and most rocky terrain I’ve run thus far. My midweight trail 2.0’s carried me the distance from start to finish without need to think about them or change them once! That’s durability!

-Angela Shartel

TRAIL 2.0 Midweight Micro is the elite sock in its field specifically designed and tested in the harsh and unpredictable terrain of trail running. Built to last for endless mileage powered by Injinji’s 5 Toe Fit System™, this toesock provides extra padding under the foot for maximum protection. A double elastic cuff and mesh top lock keep dirt and debris out while allowing your foot to breathe. You’re getting the unmatched benefits of natural toe splay, blister prevention and superior moisture management with Injinji. This sock is a winner to make you a winner. Prefer a little more coverage? Try the Trail Midweight Mini-Crew.