Ultra Run

Comfort for Miles

Ultra marathons are hours long challenges with varied terrain, demanding peak performance from runners and their gear, from head to toe. While on the trail, savor the support and protection of our Ultra Run series, now available in new colors. This innovative design features our midweight cushioned terry underfoot and around each toe, creating truly comprehensive cushioning – toe sleeves included – to soften the repeated impact encountered during ultras. Say farewell to skin-on-skin friction between your toes, and enjoy a natural splay on impact, leaving you free to utilize your entire foot on shifting terrain.

The Ultra Run series is offered in No-Show, Mini-Crew, and Crew lengths and is available in unisex and women's specific sizing.

Ultra Run

Terrain-Tested Comfort

From rugged trails to flat deserts—ultra marathons require hours of running on diverse terrain. Designed with midweight cushioning, a supportive arch band, and padded terry toes for extra protection, Ultra Run socks help to soften the repeated impact on your feet during long-distance races. These socks feature moisture-wicking fibers to keep feet dry and comfortable. The five-toe design prevents blisters and lets your toes spread naturally, so you can better grip shifting terrain.

The Ultra Run series is offered in No-Show, Mini-Crew and Crew heights, and is available in Unisex and Women's specific sizing.