Liner + Runner

Liner + Runner: The Ultimate Two-Sock System

The Liner + Runner is a unique, two-sock system designed to provide ample blister protection, moisture management and total foot utilization while increasing cushion on the sole. The ultra-thin Liner is the front line of protection against blisters with its five-toe toesock design. The Runner is worn over the Liner to increase comfort and cushion with a terry midweight knit throughout the bottom of the foot. Meanwhile, the mini-crew height provides a secure barrier around the ankle to prevent dirt, sand and other elements from getting into the sock enabling more running with less distractions.

See why Team Injinji loves the Liner + Runners!

Scotty Mills

"Absolutely the best sock + liner I've ever worn in ultras. A single combination sock and liner for the entire 100 miles of each of my last two Hardrock 100 finishes left me with not a single foot issue or blister."

Mike Wardian

"I LOVE the Injinji Liner + Runner Mini-Crew! These socks protect, cushion and cradle my feet while not feeling bulky or clingy. I use the Liner + Runner for all types of events from 1 mile speed focused events to multi-day adventures. They are tough, resilient and allow me to spend more time running and less time dealing with my feet because I know they are going to work without fail."

Cate Barrett

"Love the Liner + Runner and how thin and light it is. Most memorably I wore it on a 10 mile trail run in the Davis Mountains in west Texas. That was back in September when I was 24 weeks pregnant!"

Dave Dial

"As a runner, I'm a minimalist, meaning I'm not crazy about having a lot of shoe between me and the road. With that in mind, I've found Injinji Liner + Runners prove to be the perfect sock compliment to my running shoes of choice..."