Working Off That Turkey: How to Get Your Movement in During Thanksgiving Season

November 21, 2018

If you live in the United States, Thanksgiving is one of the greatest days of the year. All your loved ones are around (for better or worse), there’s food in abundance all day long, and the drinks are flowing. But there’s one problem… after a full day of indulgence, it’s hard not to feel sluggish!

So this year, Injinji has decided that we are going to do something we haven’t done before: we are going to do a workout on Thanksgiving day. We know, it sounds simple, but you don’t understand how much we love eating and sitting, and napping, on Turkey Day. But this year, we’d like to avoid the post-turkey festivities feeling, we’re going to move—both on Thanksgiving and the day after.

Turkey Day: Move It Any Way You Can!

The theme of Turkey day is to just move. The call of the couch is strong, friends, so you’ll have to do anything possible to resist it. Here’s our plan:

  • Pre-Turkey Walkabout—Start your day with a brisk morning walk! It gets your heart pumping, you’ll get a jump on your steps for the day, and you can even bring your mom, so she can ask you all the awkward questions you’d like to avoid when in front of your entire
  • Food-Prep Family Time—In the spirit of the PureBarre method, you can get a good workout in with small movements! So while you’re prepping baskets for rolls, do a quick set of calf raises. Chopping carrots? Time for chair pose! The key is to (safely) add a new level of difficulty to the Turkey Day movements you’ll be doing anyways.
  • Friendly Workout Bets—If you’re watching football, it’s time to up the ante! Make a friendly bet with your family, and whoever is losing at halftime has to do pushups, sit-ups, squats or burpees (you’re going to make them do burpees, aren’t you?!). And it’s double or nothing for the outcome of the game, so you’d better hope your team is on top!
  • Commercial Competitions—When it’s break time for football, or the game starts to lag, that means there’s another opportunity to move! See who can do the most squats during the break, or who can hold a plank the longest, or even who’s got the record for pushups. Whatever you do, don’t add burpees into the mix twice, or you’re going to have a very unhappy family.
  • Post-Turkey Recovery—When you’re done eating, there’s nothing you’re going to want to do more than lay down on the couch and succumb to that tryptophan nap. But we have something you should do first! Take a moment to stretch, roll out any tight muscles and head into your nap loose and relaxed.

Black Friday: Time to #OptOutside

With one bold decision a few years back to close their stores and their warehouses on Black Friday, REI created a movement. And that movement, #OptOutside, has taken root in lovers of the outdoors beyond Black Friday. But our team will do as we have every year since the inception of #OptOutside and adventuring into the outdoors the day after Thanksgiving. And we think you should too! So grab your favorite people, head to your favorite trails, clip into your bike pedals, whatever it is you love to do outside, go do it. We’re with you in spirit!