Team Injinji Catches the Running Spirit

January 7, 2015

The Injinji office has caught the running spirit as Tim Dalton recently ran his first half marathon at the San Diego Holiday Half Marathon. Tim signed up for the half marathon as a personal goal. Here are some of his highlights from the race:

When did you reach your 'runners high'? Around Mile 8 - I was listening to the great music and it was fantastic!

What socks did you run in? RUN Midweight No-Show

Did you talk with any of the other racers? Near the end I was encouraging some folks who where struggling.

Best scenic moment along the course: The starting line! Everyone was gathered around to do the same thing I was there for, to run.

First meal after the race: I didn't really eat a full meal but I had 2 bananas, 2 granola bars, 2 small egg and cheese burritos.

When is your next race? California 10/20 in February - looking forward to it!

Do's for the next race: CARB UP! I thought I had done enough, but I feel I should have done more. Also stick to your timing for fueling up on your run, don't stray from that because you will be playing catch up.

Don'ts for the next race: Do not wear your warm clothing underneath your running apparel. It was San Diego, so you can wear shorts and just stay warm before the race by jogging and stretching. Don't overdo the beginning - pace yourself for a faster, stronger finish.

Best advice to other runners: Most of all, enjoy yourself!