If You Haven’t Tried Wearing Wool Socks in the Outdoors, You’re Doing the Outdoors Wrong

August 27, 2018

You read that right. From camping and hiking to running and more, wool is the answer to keeping your feet cool, dry and ready for action. Why?


Nobody Likes Wet Feet

You’re probably not new to the phrase “moisture-wicking material” if you spend any time in the outdoors. And it’s a common one for a reason: wet feet are unhappy feat. When your feet sweat, and if that sweat sits on the surface of your feet (like when the moisture is absorbed into non-wicking socks), they’re left open to a long list of potential issues. Whether it’s a fungus, blisters or something else, you want to avoid them.

Wicking materials like wool pull moisture away from the surface of your feet, keeping them dry. Wool in particular is one of the best wicking materials out there. It has the power of its natural fiber shape to help pull nearly 30% of its weight in water away from your feet.

Cool Feet Are Happy Feet

No surprise, temperature control goes hand in hand with moisture wicking fibers. And wool’s natural structure helps keep your feet at a consistent temperature. You can choose lighter socks for warmer temperatures, and thicker fabrics for keeping your toes toasty warm. Either way, as your wool socks wick the moisture away from your feet, they’ll also work to keep you from getting too hot or too cold.

Wool is for All Activities

Don’t be fooled by the thought that you can only wear wool in winter, or that wool is only for hiking! Wool’s wicking capabilities and temperature regulation comes in handy from anything from biking to running to workouts and more. The beauty of wool is its versatility. It comes in different weights, and is also blended with other natural and synthetic fibers to fit whatever activities you like doing. So take the time to find the wool for you, and take your outdoor game to the next level.

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