Amy Sproston Preps For Appalachian Trail FKT Attempt

July 26, 2022

Injinji's Team Manager Isabella sat down with Team Injinji's Amy Sproston on the precipice of pursuing the female self-supported FKT (Fastest Known Time) for thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. Amy has been running ultra marathons for 16 years, with an estimated 90-100 races under her belt, so she is no stranger to long distances and mental endurance. Her last FKT score was an 8+ day supported journey along the Jordan Trail, where she hiked 50 miles per day, bushwhacking her way across the unmarked route. This attempt will be far different, as she is going self-supported and is aiming to complete the nearly 2,200 mile journey in 50 days. In this interview, Amy discusses her training plan, what nutrition and gear she is sending in her supply drops, and provides tips for women looking to take on an FKT in their area. You can follow Amy's journey on Instagram at @amysproston.