5 Ways Compression Can Upgrade Your Activities

February 7, 2017

Athletes in every sport (competitive or recreational) are always trying to find the next thing to increase their performance and comfort. In the past few years, one of the trends in performance active wear has been compression. There are compression shirts, sleeves, pants, and even socks on the market. But what can adding a little compression to your activities really do for you?


  1. It promotes better circulation and enhances blood flow.

On those long hikes, runs, or bike rides, you can end up with swollen arms and legs if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Compression helps reduce swelling by keeping your blood pumping to your extremities. With the addition of its slight pressure, compression causes blood vessels to constrict and increases the velocity of blood flow, keeping your limbs from swelling.

  1. It can help relieve muscle fatigue.

The increased circulation and better blood flow that compression promotes can also help keep your muscles from getting tired as quickly as usual. It helps keep your muscles warm and free of lactic acid for longer, which reduces that stiff, sore feeling that can slow you down.

  1. It can shorten recovery time and reduce muscle soreness.

With the reduction in swelling and increased circulation, your body has a better chance of recovering more quickly when you’re wearing compression gear. Plus, the reduction in lactic acid buildup helps you feel less sore the days following your workouts.

  1. It can increase your safety.

You want your compression gear to do double duty, don’t you? That means reflective strips and patterns to go with the physical benefits of compression. Then you can run, jump, bike, and play at any time of day or night and be visible too.

  1. It looks really cool!

Have you seen some of the compression gear out there? It has made great strides in the looks department. It comes in fun colors, crazy patterns, and it often has the aforementioned reflective properties. If you’re anything like us, there’s something about fun-looking athletic wear that puts a little extra pep in your step.

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