Katie DeSplinter

Endurance. Born and raised in Missouri, Katie was a track star turned casual marathoner until she moved west and discovered the world of mountain and ultra trail running. In three and a half years of competing in everything from the 50k to the 100 mile, she’s put some big finishes and a few wins under her belt, which she fastens with a much coveted Western States silver buckle. Katie now lives in Los Angeles by week, where she works in Advertising as a Copywriter, and the San Gabriel Mountains by weekend.

Career Highlights
  • 2014 Angeles Crest 100mi - 5th Place
  • 2014 Bishop High Sierra 50mi - First Place
  • 2012 Leona Divide 50mi - 9th Place
  • 2012 Old Goats 50mi - Second Place
  • 2011 Santa Monica Mountains 50k - Third Place

  • Upcoming Races
  • February 14: Black Canyon 100k (Spring Valley, Ariz.)
  • April 11: Lake Sonoma 50mi (Lake Sonoma, Calif.)
  • May 17: Bishop High Sierra 50mi (Bishop, Calif.)
  • August 1: Angeles Crest 100mi (Los Angeles, Calif.)
  • September 5: The Rut 50k (Big Sky, Mont.)
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