Create a Toe-tally Unique Sock

Want to customize a pair of Injinji toesocks for a gift, party favors, special event or race? Injinji can do that! We will work with you to create a toesock specific to your needs.

Here is what we will need from you -

Quantity - How many socks are you needing? There must be a minimum order of 6 socks.

Personalization - Do you have the logo or design already created? Or are you thinking some block lettering? We can print in black and white, and color! Due to copyright and trademark laws, we cannot print any logo/design that is not owned by you. You must own the artwork or have written permission, sorry sports fans, we cannot print the logo of your favorite college or professional team.

Sock Length - We recommend choosing a mini-crew sock and having the saying/logo/design around the cuff, but let us know what you are thinking and we will try our best!

Date - When do you need the socks by? Please give us at minimum a two week notice.

Ready to get started? Fill out the custom sock form and one of our team members will contact you to get things started!