Welcome friends! We are thrilled to present our new and improved website and our first-ever Injinji Blog. With the launch of a new "Performance 2.0" line on the horizon, a look back on the success of the past decade fills us with gratitude for all of our loyal fans and customers. Maybe you've come to rely on Injinji in your day-to-day life, be it a day at the office, stomping through streams on the trail, or an early morning session at the gym.

Maybe you've never tried Injinjibefore but are eager to try a product that cares for your feet the way they deserve. Either way, we thank you for visiting our site and hope you are as excited as we are for all the new and exciting changes to come.

Here on our Injinji Blog you will find all you need to stay up "toe" date on the latest from Team Injinji, Races and Events, Industry trends, and happenings at Injinji's HQ.

We remain forever committed to innovation that allows your feet to live and perform at their peak, we are…a better way.