As a runner, you know that the right gear can make all the difference, but it’s not just about your running shoes and fitness tracker. Your running tights impact your comfort, and therefore the quality of your workouts.

running tights

You want something that won’t shift during your workout but will be breathable enough to maintain comfort in hot weather or insulated enough to keep you warm on winter jogs. Start with one of these top running tights to improve your workouts.

Adidas AdiStar Long Tights

Price: $65

The Adidas AdiStar Long Tights come with climaheatTM technology to regulate your body’s temperature. Through a series of densely woven fibers, the tights will retain heat close to the body while allowing sweat to evaporate to keep you dry. An elastic waistband and drawcord allows you to fit the tights to your body. Ankle zips make the tights easy to get on and to remove, and side-zippered pockets allow you to easily take keys, cards, and other essentials with you while you run.

UA ColdGear® Cozy

Price: $45

These Under Armour tights are a good choice when the weather turns chilly. Constructed with a dual layer of EVO ColdGear®, these tights are designed to dry fast on the outside but stay warm on the inside. A 4-way stretch construction makes it easy to move in these pants without losing their shape. The flat yoga-inspired waistband improves comfort.

Asics Fujitrail Knee Tights

Price: $65

On days when it’s too warm for long tights but too cold for shorts, strike a happy medium with Asics Fujitrail Knee Tights. They’re built with Cocona technology to protect from UV rays and provide lightweight, durable, and quick-drying fabric. Motion protection construction also works to keep you dry as well as warm, even in the wind. Light compression panels provide muscle support while thigh gel prints prevent slipping. The tights also feature a water-resistant pocket to store essentials.

2XU Thermal Compression Tights

Price: $155

If you’re looking for compression tights for muscle support and comfort, turn to 2XU Thermal Compression Tights. These tights are constructed with a lightly-brushed fleece inner layer for warmth, and they allow for unrestricted movement in chilly weather. With PWX FLEX fabric, you’ll discover the power and flexibility to protect your muscles. High-filament yarns wick sweat away from the skin, and the fabric is antibacterial and provides UPF50+ sun protection.

CW-X Women's Stabilyx Tights

Price: $50-$158

The CW-X Women's Stabilyx Tights are designed to support the hips, back, and abdominals. Coolmax fabric draws moisture from the skin’s surface to keep you dry on your jogs. Plus, Support Web helps reduce fatigue by decreasing muscle vibration. A flat seam construction enhances comfort.

Adidas Supernova Three-Quarter Tights

Price: $60

If you’re looking for a lightweight pair of running tights for the summer, try the Adidas Supernova Three-Quarter Tights. Not only are they lightweight and comfortable, but they’re also sustainable. These tights are made from recycled polyester, and they’re a part of the Better Place Program, which aims to build products in a sustainable way. In addition to polyester fabric, the tights are also made with elastane for stretch and comfort. A drawcord you to adjust the waist size, and a zip pocket on the back right hip is available for convenience.

Choosing the right running tights for your body and the weather conditions you’re running in can impact your comfort and performance. Start by exploring the abovementioned tights to find your perfect pair. Even if you already have a favorite pair, you might consider trying new products for different seasons. What are you waiting for? Slip on a new pair of tights, and test them out on your next run.