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  1. Injinji

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    On June 19, 2013

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    Badwater Training Diaries

    Summer racing season has been off to a solid start for our Team Injinji athletes, with big wins at the San Diego 100 this month and Western States and Badwater just over the horizon. Our own Alexa Dickerson is heading into her second year racing Badwater and is training with running coach and Team Injinji teammate Lisa Smith Batchen. We sat down with them to get the scoop on training for the esteemed race.
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  2. Andy Bryant

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    On June 11, 2013

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    A Marketing Manager, Camera, and Good Intentions* at the San Diego 100

    This past weekend was the San Diego 100, a 100 mile trail race through the Cleveland National Forest in East County San Diego. The SD100 is proving itself year after year, largely in part to the amazing RD Scotty Mills, dedicated/enthusiastic/awesome volunteers, and a field of runners that continually impress and inspire. Besides Injinji being a presenting sponsor of the race, we have vested interest in the event due to our personal relationships with all the people involved and the beautiful SoCal location. We have done everything from trail markings to photo-shoots in the Cleveland Forest, and truly find any excuse to get out there. Quite frankly if RD Scotty Mills decided he wanted to hold a tandem stationary bike race, we would jump at the opportunity to be involved.
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  3. Mike Wardian

    Post by: Mike Wardian

    On June 4, 2013

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    Invisible Training by Michael Wardian

    My name is Michael Wardian and I am a 39 year-old father, husband, international ship broker, coach, inspirational speaker, little league baseball coach, and endurance athlete from Arlington, VA. I am hoping that I can provide some guidance with this blog on how I try to make it all work. It doesn’t come easy, but to be cliché, nothing worthwhile ever does and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The way I try to make all this work is to do what I call “Invisible Training” and by that I mean I try to make my training as low/no impact on my family and work as possible.
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