Best Ultra Marathon Socks

What Are The Best Ultramarathon Socks?

Running an ultramarathon can put a lot of stress on your body, especially on your feet and toes. Whether you're working with high temperatures or inclement showers, the miles will begin to stack against you if you are not properly fueled, geared up, and prepared for any scenario.

At Injinji, our team of athletes is jam-packed with accomplished ultramarathon runners who push themselves to do the unthinkable, and put our products to the test in the wildest of terrain. Some of their inspiring achievements include Jeff Browning scoring the Grand Canyon 2xR2R2R FKT, Mike Wardian completing the World Marathon Majors (7 marathons in 7 days), and Mike McKnight taking a podium finish at the 2022 Cocodona 250. While determination and grit are must-haves in moments like these, even the best athletes won't make it across the finish line without the right gear. From training days to 200-milers, Team Injinji athletes swear by our Performance Toesocks, which work to prevent blisters, enable total foot utilization, and wick away moisture mile after mile, so the runners can focus on the path ahead.

While personal preferences go a long way when it comes to the best gear, some Injinji socks are better suited for running ultra marathons than others. 

Two runners along the coast. Two runners along the coast.
A woman running on a trail along the coast. A woman running on a trail along the coast.
Man running in the woods wearing Trail Midweight Mini-Crew socks. Man running in the woods wearing Trail Midweight Mini-Crew socks.

The Ultra Run Series

Our Ultra Run socks were designed specifically for ultra marathon runners and are a favorite amongst seasoned distance runners. These running socks differ from the rest by integrating cushioned terry throughout the entire foot, including the toes, to support your feet through repeated impact on uneven terrain. Each toe is wrapped in plush COOLMAX fibers eliminating skin-on-skin friction and wicking moisture. Linear knit in the midsole adds arch support and incorporated mesh adds breathability. 

When choosing a sock height for ultra marathon running goals, we recommend the Ultra Run Mini-Crew or the Ultra Run Crew which are ideal for sealing out dirt and debris on trails with lots of dust, gravel, and sand. Offered in Unisex and Women's Specific sizing.

The Trail Series

Runner up as the best sock for running an ultra marathon is the Trail Midweight Crew. These socks were designed for running over loose, shifting terrain. By incorporating Injinji's five-toe sleeve design, they provide the dexterity needed for speed on the trail while eliminating blister-causing friction. Made with a midweight COOLMAX, nylon, and lycra blend that has a more lightweight feel than the Ultra Run series, runners will enjoy a snug fit, enhanced breathability and built-in arch support.

The Trail series is available in Mini-Crew and Crew styles, both engineered to keep your feet free of pesky gravel and dust. Offered in Unisex and Women's Specific sizing. 

Experiment With The Best Ultramarathon Socks

Choosing the best gear for running an ultra marathon will require some fine-tuning. Throughout your training, experiment with several styles by running multiple distances on your target surface.

Some runners prefer to double up, such as with the Liner + Runner duo, which incorporates a traditional sock silhouette for cushion and support, layered over a lightweight liner for blister protection and moisture management. On race day, you'll want as few changing variables as possible so it's advantageous to try out different heights and weights beforehand.

Ultimately, all Injinji styles are designed with purpose and function so that you can accomplish your goals, whether it be on a jaunt through the park or running a challenging ultra marathon course. Still on the hunt? Find Your Injinji with our toesock guide.